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  • Volume 4 features episodes 100-132 of the web series. Watch It Here:
  • Grab your buddies and a few beers. The Steam Room Stories Drinking Game is the perfect party companion for viewing fun. And the best part? It's FREE!
  • A new chapter in the Steam Room Stories universe!

    A softhearted stud and a rebel robot find themselves on the run from a merciless Marine. Cutting-edge technology company Hot Bot-y Robotics has created the perfect A.I. sexbot, named ROB (Robot with Organic Body). But when its creator learns that the military wants to reprogram the robot into a state-of-the-art killing machine, he sends ROB out into the world to hide. As fortune would have it, ROB finds sanctuary in an old gym’s steam room where he catches the eye of a swoll stud named Chase. Can Chase and his steam room bros save ROB’s titanium tush from a war-hungry general? Will the amorous android find love and friendship with a sexy stud and his new RO-bros? Purchase From These Retailers:
  • Best friends Myles and Brody are total opposites.

    Myles believes in true love and happily ever after; Brody believes in hot guys and lots of happy endings. But after Myles has a particularly bad date, they make a plan that, if they haven’t found true love in 10 years they’ll become a couple. 10 years later…nothing has changed. Myles is still a hopeless romantic looking for Mr. Right and Brody is still on the hunt for Mr. Right Now – both still alone. When they realize it’s almost time to make good on the promise they made to each other a decade earlier, both friends scramble to do whatever it takes to avoid their fate: to be a couple! The search for each other’s perfect partner is on! But maybe the man of their dreams is too close to see.
    Release Date: October 7, 2015 Available Formats: Audio, e-Book, Paperback Extra Content:
    • Myles’ favorite recipes
    • Images from the movie The 10 Year Plan
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  • Be immersed like never before with the sights, sounds and smells of Steam Room Stories: The Movie with these collectable CinemaScent™ cards. Invite your friends over for a laugh-out-loud experience they will never forget as everyone gets hot, sticky and wet with the steam room studs. The package includes four CinemaScent™ scratch & sniff cards. Each card has eight odiferous fragrances that will delight your olfactory system as an accompaniment to the movie.
    Special Note: CinemaScent Cards are compatible with specially designated versions of Steam Room Stories: The Movie. Stream it here in the Screening Room or purchase the DVD/Blu-Ray at DVD Empire.
  • Volume 1 features episodes 1-39 of the web series. Special Features:
    • Bloopers.
    • Trailers for Is It Just Me?, eCupid and The 10 Year Plan.
  • Volume 2 features episodes 40-70 of the web series. Special Features:
    • Deleted scenes.
    • Trailers for Steam Room Stories web series, Is It Just Me?, eCupid and The 10 Year Plan.
  • Volume 3 features episodes 71-99 of the web series. Special Features:
    • SRS Live episodes
    • Trailers for Steam Room Stories web series, Is It Just Me?, eCupid and The 10 Year Plan.
  • Myles and Brody are two best friends who are total opposites. Myles is a hopeless romantic looking for Mr. Right. Brody is a sexy cop on the hunt for Mr. Right now. These two friends make a plan that they'll be together in a decade if they are both still single. Nearly ten years later and still alone, both friends will do whatever it takes to avoid becoming a couple. Special Features:
    • Audio commentary with director and star (Jack Turner)
    • Behind the scenes featurette
    • Cast interviews
    • Director interview
    • Auditions and chemistry reads
    • Music video
    • Trailer
  • eCupid

    From the director of Is It Just Me? comes this sparkling romantic comedy that takes online dating to the extreme! Marshall is an over-worked ad exec who is suffering from a serious case of the seven-year itch with his loving boyfriend. As his 30th birthday nears, he is hell-bent on changing his life and he comes across a mysterious dating app called eCupid. Turning his world upside down and overwhelming him with sexy, horned-up guys at every turn, Marshall gets much more than he bargained. Firing on all cylinders with sharp wit, hot cast, and even an extended cameo from Hollywood legend Morgan Fairchild, eCupid will win your heart. Special Features: 
    • Morgan Fairchild Interview
    • Actor Interviews
    • Actor Auditions
    • Outtakes
    • Always You Music Video
  • Laugh-out-loud funny and seductively sweet, Is It Just Me? is a gay romantic comedy about one gay boy s search for Mr. Right. Adorable Blaine, (Nicholas Downs) can t seem to meet guys, let alone form a relationship.His beefy go-go boy roommate Cameron who has no shortage of willing partners can t understand why he doesn t just pounce and enjoy some one-nighters. Instead, Blaine hides in chat rooms where he meets Zander, a shy, recently relocated Texan. But when the time comes to exchange photos, Blaine accidentally sends an image of his hunky roomie, and things go from romantically promising to downright confusing. Full of witty charm and cute guys, Is It Just Me? is a bona fide feel-good winner! Special Features: 
    • Director/Cast Commentary
    • Deleted Scenes
    • Original And Unofficial Trailer
    • Auditions
    • Cast Interviews
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